JWL Safety Testing

Pursuant to our "Safety First" Policy, each of our designs has passed the following physical testing standards:

ISO 3006:2015 Road vehicles

This standard specifies two laboratory methods for testing certain essential fatigue strength characteristics of wheels intended for road use on passenger cars as defined in ISO 3833.

The test methods are

  1. Dynamic cornering fatigue test
  2. Dynamic radial fatigue test

 ISO 7141:2005 Road Vehicles - Light alloy wheels - Lateral impact test

This standard specifies a laboratory test procedure to evaluate the axial (lateral) curb impact collision properties of a wheel manufactured either wholly or partly of light alloys. It is intended for passenger car applications, and special vehicle applications where there is a possibility of the wheel impacting the curb, with the purpose of screening and/or quality control of the wheel.

The tests of our 21” GT Design Replica Wheel design are illustrated in our promotional video: https://youtu.be/vAjttkB7ErU

Prior to testing, each fitment is subjected to structural finite element analyses (FEA). The stress predicted for the front and rear wheels are compared and the wheel with the highest stress is the wheel that is then sent for JWL testing. This is certification by similarity.