About Us

Wheels-4-Macans was founded by a Porsche enthusiast and licensed mechanical engineer (BS/MS/PhD) who wanted to add GT Design-style wheels to his 2022 GTS build, which were not available at the time. He also wanted a color that was not offered. Since other Macan owners wanted the same design, W4M was born!

Unlike many aftermarket wheel sellers who claim their wheels are JWL / VIA certified, each of OUR wheel designs is structurally validated through both computer analyses and physically testing at an independent laboratory in accordance with JWL / VIA safety standards. This attention to detail gives our customers confidence that our wheels are built to last!

Prior to physical testing, each fitment is subjected to structural finite element analyses (FEA). The stress predicted for the front and rear wheels are compared and the wheel with the highest stress is the wheel that is then sent for JWL testing. This is certification by similarity.