Poor Man's Ionic Air Filter?

Poor Man’s Ionic Air Filter 😊

I didn’t order the ionic cabin freshener option for my 2022 Macan. However, I recently came across a slew ofΒ devicesΒ that claim to clean a car interior’s air. Not sure it works, but for $25, I said what the heck.

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Two problems: 1) it requires a cigarette lighter and 2) using it in the lighter outlet hidden under the Macan’s console tray (did you know it was there?) means I cannot use the tray and the blue light is distracting at night.

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So, I ordered aΒ USB-C cigarette lighter outletΒ to put in the back seating area since there are no outlets there either.

Audio equipment Peripheral Cable Technology Font

But where to put the cleaner and power adapter?

Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Automotive design Steering wheel

I need a custom bracket to hold it securely in front of one of the rear vents. Enter 3D printing!

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I measured the lighter holder and created a solid model (blue) which I then converted in to a β€œplug” that I can Boolean subtract from a holder solid (red). The result is the lavender solid. The printed model is shown below propped up on an Exacto knife.

Adapter Adapter Ac adapter Data transfer cable Material property

Putting it all together and installing it yields:

Microphone Cable Electronic device Auto part Audio equipment
Car Motor vehicle Vehicle Steering wheel Steering part
Gear shift Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle

Tah-dah!!! 😊 Now does it really clean the air? Only time will tell; but in the meantime, I think it looks cool and that’s half the battle.